Cong demands withdrawal of 'Modi Tax' on petrol, diesel

 Amid rising fuel prices, Congress on Tuesday demanded immediate withdrawal of taxes on petroleum products and alleged that in the last over six years the government has earned more than Rs 20 lakh crore through taxes even as a common man suffers.

Calling it 'Modi Tax', Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera while addressing a press conference said, "We demand an immediate withdrawal of this additional Modi Tax imposed over the last 6.8 years. This in itself will reduce petrol price to Rs 61.92 per litre and diesel price to Rs 47.51 per liter. Every common Indian deserves this relief immediately."

He said, "In the last 6.8 years the government has earned over Rs 20 lakh crore by imposing additional excise duty on petrol and diesel. In May 2014, the international crude oil price was $108 per barrel and petrol was selling at Rs 71.51 per liter in Delhi, while diesel was selling at Rs 57.28 per liter in Delhi.

"The international crude oil price as of February 1 was $54.41 per barrel and yet as of today, the price of petrol is Rs 89.29 per liter in Delhi whereas diesel is selling at Rs 79.70 per liter. Over the last six years, the additional excise burden -- Modi Tax -- on the common consumer has been increased by Rs 23.78 per liter on petrol and by Rs 28.37 per liter on diesel -- 820 percent on diesel and 258 percent on petrol.

"We do not see the result of government's spending to the tune of Rs 20 lakh crore on any sector, whether it is the agriculture sector, the MSMEs, or government employees or any other sector?" said Khera.

He alleged that the BJP ecosystem has always tried to keep people emotionally occupied.

"What are the emotions through which they try to keep India busy? Anger! Hatred! Fear! Their strategy is predictable, generates these emotions, and creates villains. For this, they will borrow from mythology, from their version of history, from global events that may have nothing to do with us. They will keep invoking villains against who our collective emotions can be directed," said Khera.


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