Happy Rose Day 2021: Every color of rose has special significance

Happy Rose day india newz

 Happy Rose Day 2021:
Valentine Week is going to start on February 7 to express love. The first day of the week is celebrated as Rose Day. On this day, giving rose flowers (Happy Rose Day 2021), expresses your feelings in front of your partner. Rose flowers are most important to tell your emotions on this day, that is why the first day of this week of love is named Rose Day.

Roses of different colors are used to express different emotions. While the red rose says something, the pink or yellow rose expresses a different kind of emotion.

Typical of rose colors

Red color

Red roses are traditionally used to express love. It is believed that the color of love is red, so in order to express love in front of your partner, Red Rose is given. If you are going to express love for the first time, then the red colored bouquet can prove to be extremely useful.

Yellow Color

While red rose is for expressing love, yellow rose is a symbol of friendship. A yellow rose is given to initiate a new friendship. It means that you are a very good friend. If you are no longer in a romantic relationship, then giving yellow rose can express your feelings of friendship.

White color

White rose is considered pure. White color is considered a symbol of purity, innocence and charm. They are mainly used in weddings which means new beginnings and evergreen love. White rose is also called bride's rose.

purple colour

Purple rose is very unique in terms of colors. If you have been caught watching someone, then a purple rose can be given. It can also be a secret crush.

pink Colour

The pink rose is its most varied color. This color rose is used to express gratitude. Avoid using it in Valentine's Week though.

cream colour

The cream-colored rose is the symbol of charm and brilliant thinking. Cream roses are usually mixed with pink colored roses. If someone has to give a bouquet of roses, do not keep these two roses together.

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