More than 300 million emails and passwords leaked, see if your account has been hacked

 More Than 300 Crore Emails And Passwords Leaked: We keep hearing the news of cyber hacking every day. But the news that has come this time has shocked everyone. In fact, an online hacking forum has claimed that it has leaked more than 300 million emails and passwords.

Data of these users leaked

The online hacking forum has also claimed that the data of all these accounts is kept in one place. These include users of LinkedIn, Minecraft, Netflix, Badoo, Pastebin and Bitcoin. Significantly, more users who were victims of hacking were using the same password for Netflix and Google.

This name given to data leak

According to a report by CyberNews, these data leaks have occurred from platforms such as Netflix, LinkedIn and Bitcoin. This data leak is being called 'Compilation of Many Breaches'. According to the information, the leaked data has been kept in a place in a password protected container.

Earlier in 2017, more than 100 crore people had their data leaked. Data of, and were leaked in it. It is being said that this data leak is also similar to the year 2017. At that time, data of more than 100 crore people was leaked in plain text.

Know how your account was hacked or not?

First of all, you change your password immediately. Apart from this, you can check whether your data has been leaked or safe by visiting and website.

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