Nuclear agreement between Russia and America extended for five years

 Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an important bill on Friday to extend the Nuclear treaty with america for five more years with the US.

Significantly, after the conclusion of the Cold War, this is a very important treaty between the two countries with the aim of reducing the stock of arms. The name of this treaty is the New Strategic Arms Reduction Trinity.

With the signing of Putin's bill, the treaty becomes effective for another five years, which will remain valid until February 5, 2026.

According to a statement issued by the Russian Rashtrapati Bhavan on Friday, Xinhua News Agency has given information about it. Significantly, on Tuesday, Russia and the United States had discussed about extending the duration of this important treaty.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden spoke on the telephone and welcomed the initiative. On the same day, Putin introduced a bill related to this treaty in the lower house of parliament (State Duma). The Russian Parliament approved it on Wednesday.

According to the statement, this treaty-extension is in Russia's national interest. This will make it possible to preserve the transparency of strategic relations between Russia and America. At the same time it will also maintain strategic stability in the world and will have a positive effect on the international situation. It will also contribute significantly to the nuclear disarmament process.

Regarding the current developments, a representative of the US State Department said that there are still many steps that have to be finalized. We are hopeful that the treaty-extension formats will be finalized before 5 February. The New Start Treaty was signed in 2010 between Russia and the United States.


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