Rahul Gandhi said - farmers are not going to back down, the government will have to take back the agricultural law

 New Delhi: Former President Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday attacked the Modi government, saying that the government's job is not to intimidate, threaten, kill the farmers. He said that the government (Modi government) should immediately talk to the farmers, withdraw the agricultural laws as the farmers are not going to back down.

Rahul Gandhi said that farmers saved the country during the Corona period, they are our backbone but the government wants to ruin them too.

Rahul Gandhi held a press conference on Wednesday afternoon to question the government's intention on the issue of farmer agitation. He said, 'Why is the government fortifying, are they afraid of farmers? Are farmers enemies? I have said that farmers are the strength of India, it is not the government's job to intimidate, threaten and kill them. '

The former Congress president said that the government's job is to solve the problem by talking. What does it mean to postpone laws for two years? He asked why Delhi has been converted into a fort, why the government is not talking to the farmers, this problem is not good for our country.

Rahul Gandhi said, 'There is a need to solve the problem as soon as possible, I know the farmers well that they will not back down, in the end, the government will have to back down, the benefit is to go away today.'

In the tweet in support of the farmer movement of some Hollywood celebrities, Rahul Gandhi said that this is our internal matter, he is not interested in what he says. The former Congress vice president also attacked Sakar over the defense budget. He said, 'Our army is standing in Ladakh in winter and you are not giving them money, which is patriotic nationalism.'

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