Rihanna's tweet on peasant movement creates ruckus, many cricketers respond

 International legend Pop Singer Rihanna's Sachin Tendulkar and captain Virat Kohli have been fiercely drawn by many stalwarts to support the ongoing farmers movement in India.

While tweeting the news of a TV channel titled - Banning Internet service around Delhi, Rihanna wrote on her timeline with the Farmers Protest hashtag, "Why are we not talking about this?"

In response to this, Sachin now said on social media, India's sovereignty cannot be compromised. External forces may be spectators, but not participants. Indians know India and must decide for India. Let us stand united as a nation.

Captain Kohli tweeted, "Let us all be united in this time of disagreement." Farmers are an integral part of our country and I am sure that an amicable solution will be found between all the parties, so that there can be peace and all can move forward together.

Shikhar Dhwan wrote, "The most important thing is to reach such a solution that our great country will benefit." Let's stand together and move towards a better and golden future.

Former spinner Anil Kumble wrote, as the world's largest democracy, India is capable of taking its internal issues to amicable solutions.
Former fast bowler RP Singh wrote, India always has a great tradition of all ideas. We can agree and disagree with each other, but we do not like to interfere and comment on our internal matter. Because we rarely do this.

Pragyan Ojha said, my country is proud of our farmers and knows how important they are. I am sure it will be resolved soon. We do not need any outside person to interfere in our internal affairs.

Significantly, former left-arm spinner Monty Panesar of England also invited the pop star to debate the farmers' movement in India.

In response to Rihanna's tweet, Monty Panesar also tweeted and wrote, It will be an honor for me to interview you on my show - The Full Monty on the subject of the farmers movement this Saturday.

The adamant farmers have been stuck in the border areas adjoining Delhi since 26 November last year, demanding the repeal of three new agricultural laws. However, the implementation of these laws is currently banned by the Supreme Court.


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