April 1: TV, fridge, milk and cars will be costlier from today

 The burden will be increased on the consumers who are suffering from inflation. From April 1, TVs, ACs, fridges and smartphones will become expensive. Car and bike prices will also increase. You will also have to pay more to buy milk. This will directly affect the common man's pocket. You will also have to pay more for toll tax and electricity rates.

led TV

Open sale prices have gone up by 35 per cent in a month. To make up for this, companies can increase prices by at least 2,000 to 3,000 rupees per unit.

Electronic products will loosen pockets

Brands such as AC, Fridge, Cooler, Panasonic and Thomson have announced to increase the prices of AC, Fridge and Cooler. After this, AC will have to pay 1,500 to 2,000 rupees more per unit.

Smartphone ... In the budget, it was said that the import duty on mobile parts, charger and adapter, battery, headphones would be increased by 2.5 per cent. In view of this, companies can increase the price of smartphones by up to 500 rupees.

Car-bike ride will be expensive

  • Car ... Due to expensive raw materials, many companies including Maruti, Nissan have announced an increase in prices from 1 April. How much prices will increase, it is not decided. According to experts, cars can be expensive by 3-5%.
  • Two-wheeler ... Hero MotoCorp can increase the prices of two-wheelers by up to Rs 2500. How much price will increase on which model of bike and scooter, it will be decided according to the market. Companies are rolling out cost saving programs for the convenience of customers.
  • Milk prices will increase ... Farmers had talked about raising the price of milk by 3 rupees to 49 rupees per liter. In such a situation, the prices of all milk products including ghee, cheese and curd can increase.
  • Term Plan… From April 1, a higher premium will have to be paid for the term plan. Insurance companies can increase premiums by 10 to 15% due to increased demand and increased risk after Corona.
  • Air travel ... After increasing the air fare, it has been decided to increase the Aviation Security Fee (ASF). The current ASF for domestic flights is currently Rs 160, which will increase to Rs 200 from April 1.
  • Travel on the expressway will be expensive ... Traveling on the Agra-Lucknow expressway is going to be more expensive. Under the sanction for 2021-22, the minimum rates have been increased by Rs 5 and the maximum by Rs 25.

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