Lockdown extended for two days in entire UP including Gorakhpur

 UP Government has decided to extend the lockdown for two more days after the horrific situation of Corona in the entire UP including Gorakhpur. Now May 6 means that Thursday will remain captive till seven o'clock in the morning.

Let us tell you that before this, the lockdown was declared from eight o'clock on Friday evening to seven o'clock on Tuesday morning, which has been extended for two more days. These orders have been given by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Significantly, the number of deaths due to corona infection in Gorakhpur has increased once again. On Sunday, 21 infected died at BRD Medical College. 14 of them were residents of Gorakhpur. The death toll in private hospitals is not included. Due to all the deaths not being uploaded on the portal, the health department has issued a notice of death of only five.

At the same time, 848 new corona patients have been found in the district. Of these, 419 patients are from the city. According to CMO Dr. Sudhakar Pandey, the number of infected in the district has increased to 42962. So far, 33435 people have recovered, while 455 have died. There are 9072 active patients in the district.

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