Aamir Khan's daughter Ayra Khan was the victim of loved ones! The age of 14 did physical…

Aamir Khan's daughter Ayra Khan

Aamir Khan, the popular actor of Hindi cinema, is also called Mr. Perfectionist. Aamir Khan, who has been working in the film world for the last 33 years, often remains in the discussion. At the same time, his daughter Ira Khan also comes in discussions for some reason or the other. Aamir Khan's daughter may not have stepped into the film world yet, but she identifies like a Bollywood actress. Aamir Khan is not on social media.

But his daughter Ira Khan is on social media and she is also very popular. Ira Khan Khan, who is often active on social media, keeps posting her pictures. Ira has made a lot of headlines till now with her personal life and love affairs. She often keeps people familiar with her past. Once he shared a video and informed about the wrongdoing done to him.

Aamir's daughter Ira has told that she was sexually assaulted when she was just 14 years old. Later Ira became a victim of stress and after that she was treated at many places. It took Ira a long time to recover from the depression. He had done many things to take care of himself in this bad time. As time progressed, Ira talked to her parents about her depression and during those bad times both of them advised Ira that it is very important to give time to herself.

Whereas before this Ira was doing the exact opposite. Ira keeps posting her pictures and videos on social media. Once, while sharing a long video, he told that, at the age of 14, I was sexually assaulted. This work was done by my acquaintance only. Ira Khan continued her talk and said that at that age I did not know what was happening to me or what was happening to me.

Ira had also told that she had informed her parents about her sexual harassment through e-mail. After this, the parents together got them out of this problem. Ira says that she doesn't care about that incident now but sometimes she gets very angry at that goofiness. Ira Khan remains in the headlines a lot because of her relationship. She is dating Nupur Shikhar for more than a year.

Ira had admitted about her relationship with Nupur on Promise Day last year. And he had also posted many pictures with Nupur. Significantly, Nupur Shikhar is the fitness coach of Aamir and Ira. Ira was giving heart to herself and her father's fitness coach.

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