17-year-old girl fell in love with an 'uneducated' boy, such a dreadful result


17-year-old girl fell in love

A 17-year-old intermediate student fell in love with a boy. This boy was not educated. Angry about love and such a boy, the relatives killed the girl. He put a cloth in his mouth and strangled him to death. After this, putting the dead body in a sack and taking it by scooter. And buried the dead body in the pit near the hill. This sensational incident of honor killing is from Arko village under Sisai police station area of ​​Gumla district of Jharkhand. In the presence of the magistrate, the police took out the girl's body from the pit and sent it for post-mortem. The girl's father has been arrested, while the mother and the girl's brother are absconding.

According to the police, the girl's father Mangra Oraon has confessed to the crime. It was told that his daughter Sarita was in love with a young man resident of Bhandra in Lohardaga. Sarita was a student of Inter Science in Plus Two School located in Bhandara. All the people of Sarita's house were against it because the young man she was in love with was not educated. She had gone to that young man many times against the wishes of the family members. Angered by this, the father and brothers killed him last Thursday night by suffocating him with a cloth in his mouth and after that put the body in a sack and buried it by digging a pit on the bank of the river under a hill located nearby on a bike.

A week later, the people working in the fields near the river first informed the villagers and then the police when the foul smell came. When the police interrogated the girl's father in custody, he first tried to mislead, but later he broke down. On his behest, the police dug a pit and took out the dead body. Search is on for the girl's mother and her brothers.

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