Pigeon's 1 wing will make you rich, just have to keep it in this direction of the house


Pigeon's 1 wing will make you rich

There are many such things in our house, using which many problems can be overcome. Although today we are talking about pigeon feathers. If pigeons keep coming to your house, then tell that this can also be very auspicious. Some remedies done with pigeon feathers can make you rich. Yes, today's article is on these measures. Today we will tell you through this article that by taking measures related to pigeon feathers, the lack of money is fulfilled.

Remedies for pigeon feathers

  1. If you are troubled by the lack of money, then tell that pigeon feathers can overcome your problem. In such a situation, keep the pigeon's feather in the safe of the house. Wrap the pigeon's feather in white or red cloth and meditate on Goddess Lakshmi and after that tie a red thread and keep it in the place of wealth. However, keep in mind that the place where you are keeping the pigeon's feather should not be seen by any other person.
  2. If pigeons keep coming and going in your house, then tell that it is considered very auspicious. This is because the pigeon is also called the messenger of God. According to astrological beliefs, the arrival of a pigeon in the house can bring any auspicious sign.
  3. If pigeons lay eggs in your house, it means that you are going to get some very good news.
  4. Pigeon feather can get rid of debt. In such a situation, keep the wings in different corners of the house. You place a wing in the south corner of the living room. Place the second wing in the north corner of the kitchen and the third wing in the eastern corner of the bedroom. By doing this, the stalled money will come back and the lack of money will also be fulfilled.
  5. Tell the people who are looking for jobs that on Thursday, wrap the pigeon's feather in a yellow cloth with a lump of turmeric, as well as wrap the yellow cowry. Now keep it in your safe. This leads to quick employment and profit in business.
Note – The information given in this article is based on assumptions and information. indianews.today does not confirm this. Contact Expert for more details

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