Visakhapatnam Gas Leak: Gas leak in the company in Anakapalli, Andhra Pradesh, 50 people hospitalized


isakhapatnam Gas Leak
गैस रिसाव के बाद बीमार महिलाएं (फोटो- ANI)

Gas Leakage In Andhra Pradesh: Suspected gas leak has been reported in a company in Atchutapuram in Anakapalle district of Andhra Pradesh. Many women have been taken to the hospital after they fell ill. According to Anakapalli police, around 50 people have fallen ill after a gas leak was reported in a company based in Atchutapuram. SP Anakapalle said that the gas leak allegedly took place at Brandix's premises. 50 people have been admitted to the hospital, and evacuation work is underway on the premises.

Police are waiting for APPCB officials to arrive and assess the situation. No one is allowed inside the premises. Andhra Pradesh Industries Minister Gudivada Amarnath has spoken to the officials regarding this incident. He has directed the officials to take steps to provide better treatment to the victims. It is being told that where this poisonous gas has leaked, it is a cloth making company.

Gas leak has happened before

Around 50 women workers fell ill due to the gas leak. At first he started vomiting and complained of nausea. After this, the employees of the company took the unconscious women employees by ambulance to a nearby private hospital. At present, everyone is being treated in the hospital. This is not the first case of gas leak in this area. Two months back also there was a gas leak in Achutapuram SEZ. Then about 200 women employees fell ill after the gas leak.

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