There is no tension even if there is a torn-old note in the pocket, banks cannot refuse to change it; will work in minutes


banks cannot refuse to change it

We all have to deal with torn and old notes at one time or the other. As soon as this note comes in your hand, you get upset, but do you know that it is very easy to change these notes. When the notes become very old and you give them to someone, he refuses to take them. But now you don't need to take tension.

Next time you come across a torn note, don't let the feeling of being cheated get the better of you. You neither need to throw that note nor need to stick it with tape or gum. Suppose even if the torn part of the note is pasted, there is no guarantee that the note will work. After pasting several times, people recognize the torn note from a distance and refuse to accept it. But now all you have to do is visit your nearest bank branch.

What is the rule of RBI

According to the new rules of RBI, you can go to the bank and change the torn or old note in a pinch. You will not have to face any kind of problem in this. The bank cannot refuse you to exchange the torn and old note. If the bank or any employee of the bank refuses to exchange the torn old notes with you, then you can complain about it. After your complaint, action will be taken against the concerned bank branch or officer.

how much discount will be deducted

The older the note you have, the less the discount will be cut on it, which means the less you will get for it. Suppose you go to the bank with more than 20 mutilated notes and its total value is Rs 5,000, then the transaction fee will be charged from the person. Keep in mind that while changing the note, it is necessary to see its security symbol. There is no big problem if the note is taped, torn or burnt.

is your note fake

If you are going to change the note in the bank, then first check the validity of the note. If the notes are fake then action can be taken against you. So check your note properly before making it. Lest it happen that your work gets stuck.

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